Betty gets around…

Some pictures taken at my most recent stalls. The first ones are from the lovely ecologically sound market New Gallery Jumble, well worth checking out.

So many lovely stall holders and love the ethos and atmosphere of this one.

Photos from the lovely Maria of Plastic Seconds who sat next to me that day. Her recycled plastic jewellery is brilliant and really original. Check her out.

































Alpha Betty gets haunted by the Welsh…

Alpha Betty also had fun getting drunk at the first ever Dandy Lion market a few weeks ago, at Electric Boogaloo. Massive thanks to Fox Irving and I Hate That You Birdwatch zine for accompanying Betty that day. I sold one of my favourite creations so far- a Princess Di themed one- plus also an Elvis one (the princess and the king. Loved forever as they died young and so shall be forever adored). Wish I’d taken photos before sold them but ah well, I shall make some more tragic death celebrity themed ones perhaps?!










































The above image taken by Ellie Green of VV collective at London Zine Symposium.

Where shall Betty be next? Why, the best zine event of the year…Zine Fest @ The Women’s Library! Come buy her wares there.


About Alpha Betty

Alpha Betty is a collector of letters. It was always the same. Since a very young age. Betty always wanted letters after her name... Maker of pocket sized books and zines. Finder of vintage treasures.
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